Thursday, May 16, 2013

Smoke Free

To my son Tommy,

Your mom and I are over a year smoke free.  We quit last year on Mother's Day or there abouts.  I often have spells where I still just crave a single puff or more.  It really doesn't get easier and expect on your 18th birthday, I will still be having days where I want a smoke.  But it was probably the best thing we could have done for you and for our health.  Of course the next mile marker and good thing according to the benefits time table for quitting smoking is in 4 more years.  And to be honest that last couple of mile markers were not that obvious.

It is an extremely odd paradox about quitting a bad habit.  You don't see the rewards of not doing bad, and you soon forget the effects of continuing the bad habit.  That is how vice can reclaim you.  Smoking has a pleasure reward that calls to some inner craving and you do not see the good things that are happening to your body because you quit.  You forget any bad effects and the reward of more years living seem so far away and abstract.  But we will stay strong because even if it is an extra month on this world, with you in our lives it is very much worth it.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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