Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tough Day

To my son Tommy,

You had a tough day today.  It started with a tough morning trying to get you up and ready.  It continued when you were complaining about being tired and about a tummy ache in school and you were so lethargic that your teacher called home saying you might be sick.  Pop-pop went up to get you and then you threw a tantrum and since you didn't have a fever or any signs of real sickness they let you stay.  I came home and tried to revive you with a trip to the library and a trip to Sweet Frog.  Our field trip was actually two-fold because we had to give your mommy her humira shots and it is best to give her some time alone after those.  You acted like you forget every manner and lost every ounce of ability to listen and behave in both places.  You fell asleep on the ride home and fell asleep again when I got you in the house.

You and I were at odds most of the day, from fighting to get you awake and clothed and fed breakfast and to get your teeth brushed and off to school.  You and I picked up where we left off when I got home and started our field trip.  Before you fell asleep in the car, I asked if anything was wrong and told you I was upset with your behavior.  After a couple minutes, I pointed to a police car with flashing lights to show to you on our travel.  You asked, "Are you happy with me again?" and broke my heart.  I told you I am always happy with you and I always love you even if you behave badly and your behavior upsets me.  I hope that wasn't lost in translation from adult to 4 year old.  I am worried that something might be really physically wrong with you and will keep a watchful eye on everything.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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