Tuesday, May 28, 2013


To my son Tommy,

I hope you end up with a little more focus than I have.  I am barraged by things I want to do and with sites like Instructables and Pinterest the list becomes longer and longer.  I want to grow all our own vegetables.  I want to play with arduino boards and build robots and electronic projects.  I want to woodwork.  I want to create my own side project programs rather than working just on my program for work.  I want to write a novel and cure cancer and solve the world's problems.  The problem is I can't find the time.  If I have free time, I want to spend it with you or your mom.  Somehow, when time comes to browse a site and find a project that I have been meaning to do, a little four year old towhead convinces me that putting a bunch of stuffed animals together in an imaginary zoo is a much more worthwhile.  Or perhaps my beautiful wife convinces me that snuggle time on the couch watching One of our shows, is better than building the ultimate robot.  And you know what, both of you are correct.  I wouldn't trade any quality time with either of you just so I could create my own 3d printer.  But some time in the future I need to find the perfect project that involves all three of us for some quality time and might satiate my project appetite just a little.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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