Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heaven And Hell Party

To my son Tommy,

Back in my college days, my fraternity use to have themed  "Heaven And Hell" socials or parties.  When you came in the middle floor of the house would be normal domestic brews and basic foods and no music.  But if you ventured upstairs you would be greeted with all white decorations, a pristinely cleaned area, top shelf booze and high cost imports and nice peaceful music.  If you took the other route down the stairs you would go into a dark dingy basement atmosphere with cheap swill and beastly beers and heavy metal blaring music.  It was simply a theme for a party built on the contrasts of it conceptions of two very different places.  Of course my idea of heaven and hell on earth have vastly changed since my youth.

Today it felt like my life mimicked that contrast.  I started the day with you at school having a family fun day.  We played t-ball in your school gym and your class beat the parents 11 to 0.  We had lunch after and just a grand ole day.

Fast forward to 12:45 and me walking into work after a beautiful start to a day.   Hit with problem after problem after problem that built up for the 4 hours of work I missed in the morning.  Evidently it wasn't the day to miss four hours in the morning.  The contrast reminded me of those parties and it also reminded me how I should have probably done less boozing and partying in college and more studying.  Anyways perhaps it was a blessing that this hellish workday is a short day because I am not convinced that it wouldn't have been just as much of a struggle if I had been here the full day.

Hopefully in an hour or two, I can return to the heavenly part of the day and leave this hellish workday behind.  I picture your mom, you, and I snuggled on the couch watching a family movie.  That is my idea of heaven on earth nowadays...a simple shared moment of love to bask in.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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