Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Aunt, Godmother, and Friend

To my son Tommy,

When we went to the library the other day, your mom borrowed a movie called Hocus Pocus.  You have been in a "magic" type of mood, talking about wizards and wands and witches.  I think one of the driving influences in your sudden interest about magic comes from the Wizard Of Oz and maybe a Sesame Street episode or something like that.  Your mom figured this movie would satisfy your need for magic and incorporate your love of songs in movies.

Your Aunt Na loves the movie Hocus Pocus, so you called her up and invited your Godmother down for a movie night.  Now a twenty something rarely would make time for a movie night with a four year old.  They often have other things to do.  But your Aunt Na came right down and watched the movie with you.  She even hung around after and read a book with you.  Remember yesterday when I told you that true generosity is giving of yourself?  Well you have yet another good example of this in your life with the love given to you by your Godmother, your Aunt, and one of your best friends.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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