Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Months Later

To my son Tommy,

Approximately six months has passed since the Sandy Hook shootings.  I am sad to report that much of the nation seems to have got passed their initial shock and concern and willingness to make real change.  From my point of view it looks like nothing has been done.  All that outrage and head shaking and media coverage and finger pointing and promises of change amounted to zilch.  Plenty of politicians scored political points on all sides of the party lines, all without really doing anything substantial.  I fear that when I print these blogs for you at age 18 that we will still be asking "What has changed? Was anything done?" possibly with a dozen or more tragedies to point to.  It will be December before the nation will have the names and faces of the 26 victims on their lips and in their minds once again.  I have to apologize now for what can only be characterized by another pure and simple failure of my generation.  We really have no good excuse and all the people who come up with one are just lying to themselves and trying to belay their guilt for our inaction.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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