Saturday, June 22, 2013

Desperation the Lobster

To my son Tommy,

The picture above is of a towel lobster I affectionately named Desperation.  You see your mom and I, in our haste to get down here, forgot a stuffed animal to snuggle with as you went to sleep.  You don't suffer from snuggle buddy obsession so you don't need a specific stuffed animal.  You are an equal opportunity snuggler and your current motto is "love the one your with".  However you do need something and I had to think fast.  With a quick jaunt around the Internet, I found the instructions for a bunch of towel animal foldings.  You picked the lobster and your mother and I made Desperation. When I say your mother and I, I mean I did the first roll and held and read the instructions for her after.  I also joined the laughter as we were punch drunk from being tird and it is pretty silly to learn to make a towel lobster to substitute for a stuffed animal.  When we were done you were quite impressed and then demanded a towel elephant.  Never satisfied are you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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