Friday, June 7, 2013

Shared Experience

To my son Tommy,

Some people wonder why I journal our life and my advice to you in the public forum of a blog.  From time to time, I have wondered that myself, but I came to a realization that we are all in this together.  Everybody goes through similar thoughts and similar challenges and similar events of life.  It is our shared existence and our shared experiences that teach us compassion and love.  When we share our life, we find people willing to help and occasionally we help others through this simple act of sharing.  We find out we are not alone.

Take for example yesterday's post about the challenges of food.  Many have empathized and have either gone through it or still are struggling with it.  By sharing, others know they are not alone and we know we are not alone.  Others see what we are trying.  Others can help us and suggest resources and tactics they have tried or heard about.  The outpouring of concern is overwhelming in a good way and leads to promise and hope and more.  Thank you to all.

So no matter if someone comes to read to help, or comes to read to laugh or commiserate, or comes to read for insight or just to keep up on what we are doing, we welcome all to our pages.  These letters to you have the same focus as a spreader shotgun with an unchoked cylinder barrel at forty yards.  But the spread pattern is the same spread pattern that life throws at us day after day.  And one day the reader coming to laugh and cry and look for that inspiration and to figure out that it has all been done before...well that reader will be you my son.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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