Saturday, June 8, 2013

Brought To Tears

To my son Tommy,

Mommies are strange beings.  Occasionally they unexpectedly leak water from the eyes.  Even though they are happy and excited and overjoyed, they can still be crying.  Want to know what can bring your mother to tears?  You chewing and swallowing macaroni.  That is all it takes.  As we take on your challenging eating habits head on, this small step is a big leap.  Not only does it show progress, it renews our hope and vindicates our efforts.  We will bribe and extort and try just about anything to get through this eating thing and we will do it without shame.

Your bribery reward was a phone call to Santa.  Your mother has some serious connections.  Santa told you to continue eating and assured us that macaroni and cheese only causes red nose in reindeers.  Your mommy thought that Santa may have been channeling some Monsignor by his voice.  We owe Santa a big thank you for taking time out of his off season to help us with your eating habits.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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