Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fuel Efficiency Machine

To my son Tommy,

There are all types of engines and mechanical systems out there.  Some work off gasoline, some off of propane gas, some off diesel.  Others work off solar or wind or all types of fuel.  Each type of system has an efficiency rating and each type of machine can get different results depending on the fuel.  The comparison can be drawn to fatherhood.

There are all types of fathers out there.  They range from serious to the silly, from the active athletic to the the arm chair athlete, from the huggers and snugglers to those who prefer the fist bump and a good slap on the back, and just about every range of father in between.  But most every father in the world runs off only one fuel, the love of their child or children.  Each run at different efficiency levels though the fuel itself, the love of a child, is one of the most amazingly most effective fuels in the world.  If every father allows this fuel to run their lives they will find it is easy to become a well oiled daddy machine.  And a by-product of allowing this fuel to power this machine is the "octane level" of the fuel keeps getting more and more pure which in turn increases the efficiency of the dad which restarts the cycle over again and again.

To all the fathers out there, no matter their current efficiency level, I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day.  And Tommy, when you grow up and become a dad, I hope that you allow the love of your child or children to fuel your life much the same way that your love keeps me going,

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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